It is 1889. You take a walk through the streets of Edinburgh with a mysterious individual who just might know some secrets about the tragic child murderer Jessie King.
This episode is a collaboration between Scotland, Dr Morag Allan Campbell and the Dangerous Women Project. We hope you enjoy it!
This episode of Scotland was written by Morag Allan Campbell and narrated by Leanne Milne.
It was produced and sound designed by Michael Park. It is a production of Be Quiet Media.
Will You Take A Walk with me is part of the Dangerous Women Project. You can read it again at, and find over 350 more pieces that reflect on the dynamics, conflicts, identities and power relations with which women have always lived, and still live today.
Fifty of those pieces, including essays by Nicola Sturgeon, Bidisha and Irenosen Okojie, have been gathered into a forthcoming book, published by Unbound. Dangerous Women: Fifty reflections on women, power and identity will come out in 2021, and you can still pledge for a copy at
Jamie Mowat does stunning illustrations for us which you can see in our episode art. See more and buy prints at
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