The Passionflower

It is 1936 and people all over the world are leaving their homes to fight the forces of Fascism in the Spanish Civil War. But what is inspiring people...View Details

If you're a subscriber to our Patreon at any level you can get an exclusive reading of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Although set in Lo...View Details

Napoleon’s Men

It is 1811 and you are being taken from France to a Prisoner of War Camp in Scotland. Your crime? Fighting for France.   This episode was a request, ...View Details

The Jigsaw Murders

It is 1935 and Dr Buck Ruxton has just committed murder. He is about to find out the meaning of 'modern investigation techniques'. -- -- -- -- CREDITS...View Details

It is 1775. Do not throw away your shot. ---- CREDITS Scotland is written and produced by Michael Park and is a production of Be Quiet Media. Addition...View Details

This Is No Utopia

It is 2020. Black Lives Matter. ---- CREDITS Scotland is written and produced by me, Michael Park and is a production of Be Quiet Media. This episode ...View Details

A Lighthouse

It is 1900. You are alone on Eilean Mòr, in the shadow of Flannan Isles Lighthouse... where everyone has disappeared. It's your job to find out why. ...View Details

A Monster In Loch Ness

It is 1934. A photograph of the Loch Ness Monster takes the country by storm, all thanks to one lucky surgeon and his camera. ----- CREDITS Written an...View Details

Doc Croc

It is 1863 and there is a fire raging at the home of respected Glasgow doctor E.W. Pritchard... but that's just the beginning of this tale of Victori...View Details

Spy In The Ointment

It is 1912. Jessie and Frederick have just tied the knot. This a love story... and nothing ever gets in the way of true love.

-- -- -- -- --  

CRED...View Details

The Bruce’s Heart

It is 1329 and King Robert the First of Scotland, Robert The Bruce, is dying. His body is to be laid to rest, but death isn't the end of the story fo...View Details

It is 1891 and something new is coming to Scotland. A rootin' tootin', sharpshootin', Lakota lootin' show is coming to town, and they're going to lea...View Details

The Go Cart Murder

It is 1923 and if this wall could talk... -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CREDITS This episode was written and produced by Michael Park for Be Quiet Media. The ...View Details

It is 1918. As ships sail up the Clyde bringing soldiers home for leave in the final months of the First World War, soldiers step onto home soil for ...View Details

The Greatest Conman

It is 1822 and you are about to meet a man who will destroy everything you thought you knew about the world. You're about to meet Gregor MacGregor.

...View Details

Support our new Patreon by clicking here! We'd really appreciate it - we think you're great. It's almost Burns Night so brush up on your Bard by getti...View Details

The Secret Santa

A little Christmas story to warm your soul on a cold winter's day. Sorry if you were expecting something darker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CREDITS This epi...View Details

Riot Act (Redux)

It is 1919. Troops are on the streets of Glasgow to quell a Communist uprising. What happened? The Riot Act happened. This episode is a retelling of o...View Details

The Resurrectionists

It is 1828 and medical science is advancing fast, but the best way to learn about anatomy is to see it in the flesh. That's where the Resurrectionists...View Details

The Darién Scheme

  It is 1698. Desperate times call for desperate measures: and to save themselves from a full union with England, the Scottish Government is willing t...View Details

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