It is 1986. Johnny Dumfries has always wanted to drive... which is good since he's just qualified in 10th for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. Check ...View Details

It is 1930. By gum, this invention is going to put you, George Bennie, on the map! Why? Well there's nothin' on Earth like a genuine bona-fide electri...View Details

Deeds Not Words

It is 1914. Deeds Not Words. Votes for Women. CREDITS: Written, produced and narrated by Michael Park, Music by Mitch Bain, Additional voices by Leann...View Details

It is 2021. You should absolutely not be leaving the house, even if it is for haggis and whisky. Use our virtual Burns Supper to celebrate the life of...View Details

Edinburgh Seven

It is 1870 and the men of Edinburgh University aren't covering themselves in glory. Unlike seven remarkable women who are all set to become the first ...View Details

First Foot

Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2021 is much better than 2020. Here's a few minutes of us screwing up to enjoy with your hangover. x

It is Christmas Eve 1950. You're about to break into Westminster Abbey to 'liberate' a symbol of Scottish pride. You're about to steal the Stone of S...View Details

First We Take Dumbarton

It is 870. There are longships on the Clyde. Waiting. Poised. They're coming for you. They're coming for Alt Clut. They're coming for Dumbarton Rock. ...View Details


It is Hogmanay 1918. You've lived many lives. A drunk in Stornoway, a sheep farmer in South America, a deckhand in the Royal Naval Reserve. You've eve...View Details

It is 1918. The war is almost over, but there is still time for it to take people away.  

CREDITS - Written & Narrated by Michael Park - Music ...View Details

Annie and Jenny from Stories of Scotland are our final guests in this year's Hallowe'en Collection. They've produced a very special Stories of Scotlan...View Details

Special guest Ryan Latto, host of the Unearthed Podcast, takes us up, up and away with Arthur Conan Doyle's tale of winged wonder.  

Check out Unea...View Details

Chris Moriarty brings us another of Elliott O'Donnell's Scottish Ghost Stories as he regales us with a tale of terror, horrific bloodshed, and roast ...View Details

Ever been haunted by smooth jazz? Me neither... Andy Stewart from Strong Language & Violent Scenes teams up with his co-host and our composer Mit...View Details

This is the second part of the story - what will become of Fettes and MacFarlane?  

CREDITS: Narration - Michael Park, Music - Mitch Bain, Editing ...View Details

Looks like it's my turn then! I've chosen one of my favourite horror stories, The Bodysnatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson. This is the first part, the...View Details

Narrator Leanne Milne and composer Mitch Bain team up to scare the living bejesus out of us, in this reading of The Bounding Figure from Scottish Gho...View Details

In the first of our Hallowe'en Collection stories, Mitch Bain and Dan Todd read The Kiss of Blood (or The Case of Lady Sannox) by Arthur Conan Doyle ...View Details

This month we're bringing you the Scotland Hallowe'en Collection. Starting on Monday you'll be hearing some of our favourite voices bringing you spook...View Details

Little Edgar

It is 1815 and a little American boy sits cut off from his friends in a graveyard. As spectres, ghaists and ghouls rise up around him, Edgar Allan Poe...View Details

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